Ph.D. in Statistics

From December 1996 to December 1999 I have done my Ph.D. studies at the Department of Mathematics and Physics, The Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University (KVL), Denmark. As I was using statistics in forestry and was located at Dina KVL I have some connection with the Danish Informatics Network in the Agricultural Sciences.

Note, since then the department and KVL has been merged into University of Copenhagen. The current links that come clossest are Faculty of Science with the Department of Mathematical Sciences and the Forest and Landscape College as well as Department of Geosciences and Natural Resource ManagementForest, Nature and Biomass.

The work is described in the following thesis:

Statistical inference
and perfect simulation
for point processes observed with noise

Jens Lund
December 1999

Online summary of ph.d. thesis.

(An older report Spatial models related to trees for a ph.d. midterm seminar also describes the ph.d. project. An online version of the report with some quirks is also present.)

The defence was on Friday 25th February, 2000.

The thesis can be downloaded as the following papers:

You can get a printed version of the thesis by contacting me.

Please, also have a look at my list of publications, where updated versions of the papers in the thesis will be available.