Master's Degree in Statistics

In the period from Sept 1990 to Nov 1996 I have studied statistics at the Institute of Mathematical Statistics, University of Copenhagen, Denmark. Unfortunately there is no online description of the study in statistics. I have e.g. attended graduate courses on marked point processes on the line, general point processes, survival analysis (based on counting processes), stochastic integrals, weak convergence, time series, generalized linear models, longitudinal data and variance component models as well as a lot of mathematics courses. (On the first of january 1997 there was a merger of the Department of Mathematics, Department of Theoretical Statistics and Department of Operations Research into one Institute for Mathematical Sciences. As of somewhere in 2002 the Laboratory of Actuarial Mathematics is also in the merged department.)

I finished my master's thesis at November the first, 1996. It is in danish and the title is

Analyse af ventetidsaksen i en
sampling i en poissonprocesmodel
for Lexis diagrammet

Jens Lund

November 1996

The title translates to "Analysis of the Waitingtime Axis in a Renewal Process and Sampling in a Poisson Process Model for the Lexis Diagram".

The thesis, an English preprint and an article based on it are available from my list of publications.

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